Nadalina Cosmetics is shutting down (PLEASE READ)

It is with great sadness that I have to inform you that Nadalina Cosmetics will be closing. With that being said, I have over 22k bottles in stock that are now on sale indefinitely ($8 each) and I will close whenever we sell out completely -whether that be a year or two from now. I wanted to be fully transparent with you all and I hope you take the time to read below.

I started this company in 2017, 2 months after my separation. I had hit rock bottom and decided to use my pain and put it into my passion -owning my own company and doing something I loved. At the time I was starting a new chapter as a single mom of two (a one year old and a 2.5 year old) and working a full time job. I would come home from work, spend the evening with my kids and work on my company all night while the they slept. I don’t think I slept much from February 2017-November 2017 (when I finally went public with the company.) I decided to name my brand after my girls (Nadine and Alina -Nadalina) because they were my strength and driving factor. I did everything on my own from registering the company name, opening a business bank account, creating the website, creating the packaging, doing a lot of research and testing samples from different manufacturers, choosing the bottles and gold colored bottle cap, figuring out the logo, taking my own individual photos for the website and working with a photographer to take creative photos of my first collection. I even had my kids photographed in the first collection to tease what was coming. Mind you I had no experience and nobody to guide me. 2018 was a decent year, but I got laid off from work at the end of the year so I decided it was a sign to run my business full time. 2019 I started to really grow. I worked with an amazing photographer on every new collection and was able to come up with creative concepts for the shoots and collections. Next thing I knew my brand was featured in British Vogue, British Vanity Fair, British GQ 3 times over. I decided to go big for 2020 and ordered way too much nail polish because I was going to create a pop up truck, drive around the country and sell state to state in person. I had signed up for over 9 events for the year but I think we all know what happened next. 2020 -the year of the pandemic. I had taken all of my retirement money out to use on my business and now all that money was sitting in my storage unit -over 22k bottles not being sold. I didn’t have enough money to try and advertise on the internet to gain new customers and of course I couldn’t sell in person. So I had to try and sell to old customers, which wasn’t getting me far. At the end of 2020 I had to go back to a full time job in order to survive.

And now here we are, 2021 working a full time job and the rest of my time is spent on my children who have school and activities 6 days a week, and I’m at the point where I’ve put in so much money into the business, and it’s no longer profiting. I know I’ve dropped the ball on shipping packages out on time, and I know how irritating it is. At this point, my heart is telling me it’s time to walk away.

It doesn’t mean the site will shut down tomorrow. Like I said, I have over 22k bottles in my storage unit that need to go and that’s why I dropped the price from $15 per bottle to $8. If you are trying to purchase in bulk -over 100 bottles- and would like to talk wholesale prices, feel free to DM me. And if you or someone you know would like to purchase my remaining stock, also email/DM me. I promise to do my best to get back to every email and inquiry from here on out. I apologize again for dropping the ball the past few months and hope you understand that it was never my intention. I’m proud of how far I’ve grown with the company and as much as it pains me to say goodbye, I know it’s time.