Vegan Nail Polish? What gives?

It's 2018 and we still test cosmetics on animals? The sad truth is yes, it still happens. But why purchase products that test on animals or contain animal derived products when there are better options? Vegan options!

So what makes a nail polish "vegan"? We're glad you asked. Vegan polishes, like Nadalina Cosmetics, do not contain any animal by-products nor do they test on animals. Why harm our beautiful furry creatures when we can pet and love them instead?

Look down at your fingers, is your polish a shimmery color? If so, then you most likely have fish scales in your polish. An ingredient called "guanine" or what you may see listed as "pearl essence". Or maybe you're wearing a bright red or metallic polish. If that's the case, you've got a bad case of the bugs! Oh yes, we said bugs and that's because metallic and bright red nail polishes use an ingredient called "carmine" which is a nicer way of saying crushed female beetles. Doesn't sound so nice now does it?

So what do you say? How about we stop harming our animals for beauty purposes and start purchasing from brands who care about all living creatures. What are you waiting for?! Click me to shop our vegan polishes now!