What Is Water Permeable?

It's a no brainer, women love fashion. And they love expressing their individual styles through clothing, accessories and makeup, oh my! So women need options that meet their needs and are readily accessible at their fingertips - literally. 

In recent times, makeup has been at the forefront because of the ever-growing, wide range of products to hit the market, from various shades of lipsticks and foundations to endless shimmers of eyeshadows to every color of the rainbow of polishes. While the market is providing more ethical and natural skincare products, it has been slow on providing better options for nail polish. What do we mean by that? The simple answer is water permeable nail polishes. 

So what makes a polish considered to be water permeable? A formula that allows oxygen molecules and water to pass through the polish to get to the nail. 

How does that work? By creating a formula that will allow water and oxygen molecules to seep through the polish. Traditional polishes are made up of molecular bonds which are tightly stacked, therefore creating tighter spaces that do not allow water to penetrate through. Water permeable polishes, on the other hand, consist of ingredients that make up a unique molecular structure that allow oxygen and water to pass through.

How is it tested? We've all seen youtube videos of nail polish being tested on napkins and paper towels to see if the water will seep through. But those are inaccurate and the permeability of water molecules can't actually be seen by the naked eye. The way it works is based on the formula and molecular structure of the polish which is tested in a diffusion chamber with a film of nail polish. Think of it like marbles in a jar. When putting marbles in a jar they are stacked in a staggered structure. That structure is what allows air and water molecules to seep through. The molecular structure of regular nail polish is stacked in straight lines on top of one another which creates a barrier.

Does it work with several layers of polish? The short answer is yes. But of course you want to know how. Have you ever tried stacking marbles in a jar? If you stacked several or if you filled an entire jar with marbles and poured water in that jar, would the water float or would it go down towards the bottom of the jar? If you guessed that the water would sink to the bottom of the jar then you're correct. That's exactly how water permeable nail polish works. Those marbles are similar to the molecular structure of water permeable nail polish, in how they're stacked. So no matter how many layers you wear, the water will still seep through the polish, but the more layers you add the more you have to rub your nails to ensure the water seeps through.

Why choose water permeable polish? Our water permeable nail polish helps improve the quality of your manicure. Our polish is high shine and chip-resistant allowing your manicure to last anywhere from 4-7 days. 

We may not be the only one on the market, but we believe women deserve options. We are dedicated to providing you with water permeable, cruelty free, vegan, halal certified products to express your style in a healthier way.